Unsung hero (a video on the importance of good deeds)

A bit hokey, but heart-warming, video about the value of doing small good deeds every day.


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12 Responses to “Unsung hero (a video on the importance of good deeds)”

  1. emjayay says:

    I’m a Mary Hartman fan.

  2. 4th Turning says:

    More “secular”. Just as exuberant and life-affirming in its way. So before this post sinks into its
    inevitable cloud oblivion… High hopes for our millennials wherever they may be.


  3. 4th Turning says:

    Or, or you might consider doc and start rubber-stamping them with the message:
    “For a second opinion, call emjayay at _____ Office hours_____.”? (You have to
    overlook that serpent thing he’s got going now. I thought bangs would be simpler
    than a total makeover-don’t seem the same now.)

  4. 4th Turning says:

    Thanks, J. Have already ‘played’ it forward. (Am a hopeless S. Hartman fan.)

  5. 4th Turning says:

    Recently happened across a Vietnamese feature length gay-themed film on youtube. Brilliant in my estimation. Several scenes of immense humanity and tenderness. Bf clipping toenails of beaten bf not something I’ve ever run across in hollywood movies. We caused the loss of 2 million + or – of their gentle folk and by all accounts we’ve been forgiven and they without our marshall plan were able to move on.

    Socialisme commenter this is for you. Took my own excellent advice from back before st. pat’s day and ordered a second copy of At Swim, Two Boys almost homesick to revisit. Little did I realize I’d be reading it over easter. Much less on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

    The boy waited at the door. His thin face had the look of being wedged into a jar.
    “Look. Da, if I’m not to be a brother, what am I to be?”
    “You’re to follow me in the shop of course. There’s your vocation. To learn to be
    a better shop-keeper.”

    “Well it may so be a vocation isn’t like that. It may so be a vocation is like a
    friend you might make. You don’t choose a friend. A friend would come to you.
    And you don’t turn him out, no matter what others would say. You’re only too
    thankful if you found him.”

  6. emjayay says:

    Adorable sweet cute polite spiritual humble SE Asian guy, loves doggies and birds and children and old people and poor people. Not shown with wife or girlfriend.

    Marry me, fictional guy.

  7. emjayay says:

    Just yesterday while walking to the store I removed all the hack preacher flyers (Some guy named Tony talking about Jesus and flying saucers or something) from under windshield wipers and stuffed into fences and blowing around and recycled them. Very satisfying.

  8. Tone says:

    I am a sentimental schmaltzy kind of guy and I just loved it.

  9. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Really cute actor.

  10. emjayay says:

    Well, a completely fictional little film of course made for advertising insurance. Cute actor though. I saw this months ago and I thought it was at AB but apparently not.

  11. 2patricius2 says:


  12. cole3244 says:

    the real hero’s everywhere are those that do heroic things without thinking or asking for recognition their reward is simply doing the right thing.

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