Cool map of live lightning strikes worldwide

This Web site,, tracks live lightning strikes, worldwide, and plots them online in real-time.

It’s totally cool.

If you read through the site, you’ll find out how they do it. People basically host a small kit, for free (and it’s worth only a couple hundred bucks), that is able to tell if lightning has struck up to several thousand miles away.

Yep, several thousands miles. I know.

Here’s an animated gif of the site, showing some live strikes over the US a few minutes ago:


But what’s really cool is to set it so that it shows you WHERE the lightning strikes were detected. You’ll see the distance is enormous — the lines track back to the various sensors that recognized the strikes. I mean, a sensor in Connecticut is seeing a strike in Cuba:

live-lightning-strikesYou can go check out the maps for yourself. Here’s the US, and here’s Europe.

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