Join me on a walking tour of Paris (photos)

As a photographer, I always enjoy exploring Paris. In addition to the obvious things to ogle, like the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the city has a number of funny quirks that I enjoy capturing on film, or hard-drives, or something.

I think part of it for me is simply the fact of being in another country, so things are per se different. Graffiti is often different. Posters are different. Buildings and monuments and things in shop windows are different.

And I really enjoy different. My mind enjoys different.

So join me for a little walk (well, okay, it was actually more like a 9-hour outing) I took yesterday with my friend Régis, that we took from the Marais neighborhood, walking north on Rue St. Denis.


This is Régis. I’d say he was looking particularly dapper at that moment, but honestly, he just looks like this all the time. Ah, French boys.


The window of a wig shop we passed walking north. The wigs had names. I love reflections in windows, when they do odd things and confuse. It’s fun capturing them in black and white.


A better view of some of the wigs, sans reflection.


This is a fabulous arch, called Porte St-Denis (the door, or entryway, of St. Denis). It was built by King Louis XIV in 1672 as a way of awing visitors as they entered Paris. It still awes.


This was a stunning building we passed. I have no idea what it is. Look at that clock, and the design going from the clock all the way to the ground.


Just a fun poster on a wall.


Régis in silhouette at a pizza place we found north of the arch. His name is far prettier in French ;-)


The Hotel de Ville — aka City Hall — with some people playing volleyball in front as part of the annual Paris Plages festivities.


Similar shot, in color.


The book store is closed for August, as is much of Paris, but Hillary’s book is front and center.


Just look at this doorway to God-knows-where in the Marais.


Some really fun graffiti in the Marais.


And finally, right before it started to pour, I got a waffle (goufre, I believe) at Amorino in the Marais. I can’t say it tasted like the insanely good waffle I had in Ghent, Belgium. It was more like an American waffle, but hey, with gelato and chocolate sauce on it, it worked :)  So, with it now pouring rain, Régis and I stood in a little doorway, me eating my waffle and he drinking his lemon granita, while I had one of those wonderful, but somewhat melancholy, “people actually live like this” moments.

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4 Responses to “Join me on a walking tour of Paris (photos)”

  1. BlueIdaho says:

    The waffle looks delicious. However, I always thought the ones in Germany were better. I will say that every time I visited the Eiffel Tower I had to have a citron crepe from a small stand which I believe was on the Av. Charles Floquet.

  2. dcinsider says:


  3. Composite photograph? Mito Xiu Xiu

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  4. jamesnimmo says:

    The building after the photo of the arc appears to be a bit narrow–just one room wide.

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