What if all of Shakespeare’s plays were written about Trump? What would they be called?

I had an interesting idea this weekend for a tweet: What if all of Shakespeare’s plays were actually written about Donald Trump? What would their titles be?

For example: “King Lear” would be “King Leer.”

I also added the hashtag: #ShakespeareInTheTrump


Things went viral pretty fast, and I got a TON of great responses. I’ll share some of the best below.

First off, as some background, this all got started because a NYC theater troupe was doing a production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park, but with a twist. The lead character of Caesar is dressed and portrayed Trump-like. Far-right protesters, led by a Pizzagate conspiracy promoter, disrupted the show in outrage, not fully realizing that Caesar’s death in the play is hardly portrayed as a good thing. Quite the contrary, in fact.

It wasn’t lost on liberals that Trump supporters were outraged that the cast of “Hamilton” simply spoke politely to Vice President Pence following a show several months ago. Yet, their shutting down an entire production is acceptable.

Also, Trump supporters keep saying “what if someone did this to Obama!” In fact, they did back in 2012, and you probably never heard about it because no one cared.

Back to Shakespeare in the Trump. Here are a sampling of the tweets. People really stepped up on this one:



Feel free to add your own!

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